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Remanufacturing services


Remanufacturing services

 Bearing remanufacturing can result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and require as much as 90% less energy compared to the production of a new bearing.  By extending the service life of bearings, the process avoids the scrapping of components and the unnecessary use of natural resources.

has decades of experience in bearing remanufacturing. All work is performed at dedicated state-of-the-art remanufacturing service centres according to rigorous specifications by a global network of specialists. The work begins with cleaning, degreasing and disassembling the bearings. All components are then inspected. From this inspection, a detailed bearing analysis report is issued. Bearings that are not damaged beyond repair can be restored using appropriate procedures that can include polishing, grinding and component replacement. In fact, a bearing with more than 30% left of its calculated service life can be worth remanufacturing. As a result, the cost savings through remanufacturing can be substantial.

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