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Koyo (Koyo Seiko) was founded in 1921, is a research and development of the comprehensive function of product manufacturing Japan Inc, with 6557 employees. Japan Koyo Seiko KOYO SEIKO as one of Japan´s four main bearings manufacturing group, with production and control equipment of the owner in the world´s top division, Tokyo, Nara, Tian, Feng Bridge, Gao Song, Tokushima and Kameyama eight main production factory in Japan, (all through the ISO9001 certification), overseas across Europe, Asia, North and South America several production facilities and research institutions
KOYO series of products bearing Japan Koyo Seiko lists produced tens of thousands of high precision, high quality, provide relevant aerospace technology, computer components, motor, high speed train, MRT trains, industrial machinery, CNC lathe, high precision processing machine, steam, the locomotive industry, iron and steel industry... Etc. important component, to make the best of select
Koyo, Koyo bearings was founded in 1921, has 8 factories in Japan, 28 point of sale, in foreign countries has 9 manufacturing plants, 24 sales points. Japan Koyo Seiko Koyo is a company with a long history, and culture in Japan ranked third in the world overall bearing products manufacturers, the production of a variety of bearings are widely used in general machinery and other industries and areas of expertise, enjoy high popularity and friendship quality praise users around the world.
Japan Koyo Seiko business projects including bearings, automotive steering, automotive instrumentation, constant velocity universal joint, oil seal, mechanical work, industrial heat treatment furnace and electronic controller. In recent years, the company greatly improve the overseas automobile steering gear production capacity, a steering gear production base in Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea and Chinese etc, become the first, the world´s second major Japanese car steering system manufacturer.
Koyo bearing in 1999 according to the product classification system of bearings sales of 186700000000 yen, the automobile steering device 119300000000 yen, 55100000000 yen for other products accounted for 52% of total sales, respectively, 33% and 15%.
The Shanghai League wave Bearing Co. Ltd, import bearings distributors to provide professional, KOYO bearing products to all customers, product inventory model is complete, for the industry to set up the inventory, improve product spot rate, ensure rapid delivery and provide you with KOYO bearing competitive prices.
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