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NTN bearing company
NTN is one of the world´s comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers, the company was founded in 1918 in Japan, is headquartered in Osaka City West, in Japan there are 11 manufacturing, 25 business offices and 3 Research Institute; in foreign countries has 20 wholly-owned factories, 2 research institutes and 48 business offices. NTN production, sales, technical departments unremitting efforts to develop their own fields and deepen, with each other at the same time together.
Company name (English and Japanese): Ntine company NTN Corporation NTN Inc.
Trademark: NTN
Founded: 1918 March
Registered capital: 4230000000 yen
Company: Osaka City, Japan
NTN bearing evaluation:
(1) the world´s fifth largest bearing manufacturers NTN Japan
(2) Company NTN - World comprehensive precision machinery manufacturing factory
(3) NTN precise processing technology with unique proprietary technology is developed based on the accumulation of long-term development of a bearing, widely used in the production of precision machinery for all areas of use. This is the creation of new value NTN to develop the new logo.
(4) how to minimize the friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency? The NTN bearing technology has achieved the world´s only millimicron unit, nano level precision. The precision of this past purely expect, have begun to various fields to use satellites in orbit, aviation, railway and automobile, papermaking equipment, office equipment and food machinery and other industrial sectors.
(5) bearing a variety of NTN products, is a high precision machining and testing technology produced with 0.01 micron unit, from the requirements of both high performance and low cost requirements of ordinary household electrical appliances, aerospace rocket until the requirements of normal play its bearing function can still in the harsh working environment so far, NTN bearings in the lay the foundation for development of all walks of life, various uses of machinery.
NTN bearing the company actively carry out the earth environmental protection activities.
(6) the NTN bearing company had to actively carry out the global environmental protection activities. Through a series of environmental management and supervision of the international standard ISO14001 demonstration, the development of environmentally friendly [ECO series] goods. Then, put on twenty-first Century as environmental century, deliberately seeking to eliminate all waste zero emissions goal [].
Agent NTN bearings imported
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