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Self aligning ball bearing is a two groove of the inner ring and the outer ring raceways between spherical, a spherical ball bearing assembly.

The outer ring raceway surface curvature center and bearing center line, so with automatic self-aligning ball bearing the same tune of heart function. Deflection appeared on the shaft and housing, can be automatically adjusted, not to increase the burden bearing. The axial load of spherical roller bearings can bear radial load and two direction. Radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load, impact load conditions. Inner diameter is tapered bore bearings, can be directly installed. Or use the sleeve, remove tube installed in the cylinder axis. The holder to use steel stamping cage, polyamide forming cage and copper alloy machined cage.

Self-aligning ball bearing and a cylindrical pore structure of the two conical hole retainers made of steel sheet, synthetic resin etc.. Its characteristic is the outer ring spherical raceway, the disposition is automatically adjusted, can compensate the error concentricity and deflection made self-aligning ball bearings into, but the inner and outer rings shall not exceed 3 degrees relative gradient.

[1] can bear larger radial load, also can withstand the axial load. This type of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so with self-aligning properties, the axial force bending or tilt of the inner ring and the outer ring and the center line of the center line of the relative inclination of not more than 1 DEG to 2.5 DEG, the bearing can still work.

Self-aligning ball holes are cylindrical and conical bearing two. Conical taper of hole of 1:1 2 or 1:30. In order to strengthen the lubrication performance, processing an oil groove and three oil holes in the outer ring of the bearing.
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