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Needle roller bearings (needle bearing) with cylindrical roller bearings, relative to its diameter, roller is fine and long. This is called needle roller. Although it has a small section, the load bearing capacity of bearing still had high, with thin and long needle bearing roller (roller diameter of D = 5mm, L/D = 2.5, L as the roller length), so the radial structure is compact, the outer diameter of the smallest diameter size and load capacity and other types of bearings, especially for supporting the same, results in the radial installation size restricted.

According to the use of different occasions, can choose the inner ring bearings or needle roller and cage assemblies, the shaft neck surface and the surface of shell holes matched with a bearing directly as bearing inner and outer rolling surface, to guarantee load capacity and operating performance and have the same ring bearing, shaft or housing bore raceway surface hardness. The machining precision and the surface quality of bearing ring raceway and similar. These bearings can only bear radial load.
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