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The axial load of single row angular contact ball bearings can withstand a direction, in radial load, will cause additional axial force. The axial displacement of the bearing can limit shaft or shell in one direction. Angular contact ball bearing contact angle of 40 degrees, thus can bear large axial load. Angular contact ball bearing is separable design, on both sides of the inner ring and the outer ring of the shoulder or not. In order to improve the bearing load capacity, to one side of the shoulder processing low, so that the bearing can be arranged into more ball.

Double row angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load larger primarily radial and axial joint load and torque load, limit the axial displacement of the shaft two. Mainly used for double limit shaft and housing bidirectional axial displacement components of angular contact ball bearings, the tilt between finite, internal clearance, allow the tilt angle depends on the bearing bearing size, interior design and effect on the bearing force and moment, and the maximum allowable inclination angle should ensure the bearing can not generate additional the high stress in the. If bearings, the existence of inclination angle, will affect the bearing life, also caused a decline in the bearing running accuracy, running noise increases. Double row angular contact ball bearing the general use of nylon retainer or solid brass cage. Double row angular contact ball bearing should be paid attention to when installed, although two-way bearings can withstand axial load, but if a side of ball filling gap, you should pay attention not to let the main axial load by Mizobe side gap. In the bearing use should pay attention to the side without a ball gap raceway bear the main load.
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